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Castor Oil – About, Benefits, Used For, and More

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Castor Oil – All You Need To Know About This Natural Treatment

What is Castor Oil?

The castor oil plant is a plant whose spines of red or green fruits harbor seeds rich in oil. Cold-pressed, the seeds release a liquid with a particularly vicious density and softening, healing, and purifying properties.

The Benefits of Castor Oil

Suppose castor oil is recognized in medicine for its benefits on our health, mainly to soothe specific ailments such as arthritis or difficult sleep. In that case, its benefits are also numerous in beauty. It is recommended for the hair, eyelashes, nails, skin and is thus positioned as an absolute gold mine to integrate into our beauty routine.

For Hair

Castor oil is an excellent ally for our scalp and our hair. It has the virtues of strengthening and nourishing hair damaged by coloring and other aggressive care. Dry hair, split ends, brittle, devitalized, dull hair. Nothing escapes him. We can combine it with our favorite treatments or concoct grandmother’s recipes such as homemade hair masks if we find them in certain cosmetics. We note its good synergy with coconut oil to nourish the hair, the essential oil of clary sage to strengthen the hair or the essential oil of geranium against dandruff. NB: for any use of essential oil, seek medical advice.

For the Eyelashes

Just as it has an action on the hair, it strengthens, nourishes, and promotes the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. It thus constitutes natural care for the daily maintenance of these hairs. Many brands offer serums to be applied directly to clean hair. We can also use castor oil as a natural makeup remover for our eyes. Longer and fuller eyelashes and eyebrows guaranteed!

For the Nails

Castor oil is known to promote the growth of brittle, soft, or split nails. It is THE solution to restore strength to the nails and thus find beautiful hands. It can even be applied to the cuticles to benefit from its purifying and repairing active ingredient. You can also massage these unsightly small skin with a mixture of castor oil and ylang-ylang essential oil.

For the Skin

In addition to reducing pregnancy stretch marks and brown spots – on the face, hands, and body – thanks to its brightening properties, this oil, with a thousand benefits, is known to soothe sensitive skin prone to discomfort (tightness, dryness, etc.). It is concentrated in ricinoleic acid and has excellent purifying and healing for acne-prone skin. In addition, castor oil mixes very well with other natural oils – to constitute a massage oil for the body, for example – like argan oil to increase its moisturizing powers tenfold.

How to use castor oil on the face?


If nothing is to report with cosmetic care based on castor oil since cosmetic laboratories produce verified formulas, it is necessary to be more careful with its pure form. Indeed, if it has indisputable benefits, the queen of vegetable oils in its pure form is applied sparingly to the skin of our face. If we decide to include this oil with a thick and sticky texture in our skincare routine, it is essential to ensure its correct application by small touches on imperfections such as dark spots, scars, or even blackheads. Indeed, there is no need to brush your face with this oil at the risk of clogging your pores and thwarting the benefits of miracle oil. If you use it as a daily makeup remover on the entire face, for example, be sure to rinse well and clean your skin afterward. These tips are also applicable to the scalp.

What is castor oil used for in short?

  • repairs dry and damaged hair.
  • strengthens brittle or splitting nails
  • promotes regrowth of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes
  • It is used for eyelash maintenance
  • moisturizes and regenerates the skin while ridding it of impurities.
  • reduces pregnancy stretch marks

Castor Oil Combined With Other Oils

Combining it with other essential or vegetable oils is possible to increase its benefits. For example, with coconut oil or argan oil, castor oil has the effect of an undeniable boost to our mane. In addition, it is beneficial for nourishing and hydrating dry to dehydrated skin along with jojoba oil.

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