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What is Natural Hair Coloring? – Properties, Working, and More

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What is Natural Hair Coloring?

Natural Hair Coloring – Hair is one of the aesthetic signs of every woman, and its coloring is, for most, a way of caring for it and providing it with a more significant amount of nutrients. L’Oreal Professionnel has combined the best of nature with scientific research to create Botanea, a wide range of natural hair dyes that take care of the fiber and last over time.

Natural Hair coloring consists of the selection of organic and natural sources of pigments that, after application, leave your hair with a much more intense shine and color, as well as a healthier appearance. Botanica produces dyes with two main components: leaf powder and water extracted from henna, cassia, and indigo. The leaf powder contains natural pigments that respect the hair fiber and provide high-quality results. This 100% herbal and vegan coloring does not include any ingredient or by-product of animal origin.

As the second main ingredient, hot water uses to release the coloring precursors that powders contain. In addition, when applied to the hair, the water makes the fibers hydrate and naturally absorb the vegetable dyes. Natural hair dyes include coconut oil to make it easier to use, also an excellent hair moisturizer.

L’Oreal Professionnel achieves a new natural hair coloring formula for hair that persists after multiple washes and leaves hair with an intense shine, thanks to all these ingredients.

Natural Hair Coloring Dyes: Properties

Thanks to the correct treatment of the raw material, natural dyes such as Botanea preserve the pigmentation properties from their collection to their application in the hairdresser.

The main benefit of natural hair dyes is precisely their organic origin. As it does not hold any chemical ingredients, such as ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, irritation of the scalp avoids. It is a non-invasive treatment that preserves the hair fibers, even in the most sensitive hair. Natural pigments do not enter directly into the hair fiber but rather envelop it at coloring, providing greater hydration and shine.

Another of the properties of natural hair coloring is the lack of a root effect. It could be supposed that this is one of its most significant advantages and its maximum difference from other dyes. L’Oreal Professionnel invites every woman to try a new coloring experience with Botanica without periodically implying the need to dye her hair. You will get a personalized color according to your natural tone, but you will also be able to enjoy long-lasting results and a healthy and shiny appearance in your hair.

How do Natural Hair Coloring Dye work?

First of all, it must tolerate in mind that the concept of natural coloring dye is comprehensive and can cause confusion. The stylist warns that “a dye contains one or more natural ingredients of natural or biological origin.

It does not make it 100% natural nor prevents other substances such as those found in traditional dyes “. If you are looking for a natural shade to cover your gray hair. You will have to look closely at the labels or go to a trusted hairdresser.

On the other hand, the stylist explains that “the hair fiber covers with a kind of scales formed by seven layers of keratin. The traditional dye opens them to modify the color of melanin, which is responsible for giving color to our hair. More natural ones only penetrate up to the first layer. The sensation is better, although the stain remains on the hair, making it thicker “.

When acting in this way with the hair fiber, the stylist tells us that vegetable coloring ” cannot lighten the hair, as they do not penetrate its structure.” But the expert points out that “they give total coverage to gray hair. ”

Three ingredients and a wide range of Natural Hair Coloring

The secret of Botanea’s natural coloring lies in the amounts of the three dyes used in each session. Thus, L’Oreal Professionnel turns colorists into true artists who create exclusive ranges for each woman. A wide variety of shades blend with the hair’s natural pigment, leaving a raw and rejuvenated appearance after each application.

L’Oreal Professionnel proposes thirteen recipes that combine Botanea’s three natural hair dyes, covering the most common coloring needs. A personalized formula also allows innovation and personalization of the dye for each woman.

Natural Hair Coloring Dye, another option to cover gray hair

Even though gray hair is stylish and more and more celebrities are betting on it. Most women prefer to continue covering gray hair, especially when they are not dominant in their hair. In addition to conventional coloring, we can use natural dyes to do this. Although these products act differently, they camouflage gray hair since they do not penetrate the hair structure. In addition, vegetable dyes have the added advantage of strengthening the hair and giving it a lot of shine. Do you dare to try them?

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