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How to take Skin Care at Teenage? – Facial Routine, Ingredients, and More

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Skin Care at Teenage – At what age should girl care for her facial skin?

Skin Care at Teenage – Leaving aside the necessary use of sun protection at all ages, it is essential to treat the skin when it begins to reflect the hormonal changes of puberty. At 11-12 years, acne lesions in the form of comedones and small pimples start to appear. Dermatologists recommend applying a mild anti-acne such as salicylic acid or a low concentration retinoid.

What facial routine should a Teenage girl follow?

In the morning: Firstly, Wash your face with a mild cleanser that regulates oil but does not dry out. Rinse and dry well. Then apply an oil-free fluid moisturizer that does not favor the production of comedones and if it is with a better protection factor. If you put on makeup, I also recommend oil-free makeup because sometimes this type of product, if badly advised, can cause breakouts.

Rewash your face before going to bed and treat the problem with a specific product at night. If it is acne: the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist, and if it is dry skin, a cream with more fat content. Of course, always constancy

Skin Care at Teenage – What ingredients are suitable for treating such young skin?

  • Low-fat excipients with more water than fat or even with silicones. (more mattifying)
  • Mattifying ingredients and regulating sebum such as zinc, Sabal extract.
  • Moisturizers such as Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory Like alpha-bisabolol, Thermal Water.
  • Chemical and physical photo protectors.
  • If there is a fat percentage, it may be helpful to apply clay masks to absorb the sebum.

Skin Care at Teenage – At this age, one of the main concerns is pimples/acne. How can they fight it?

The specialist must always prescribe the treatment. Sometimes it is a sign that something is wrong and should be studied (if it is early, it can be a sign of precocious puberty, if it accompanies by hirsutism, it can be part of a polycystic ovary syndrome). Treatment varies depending on the severity.

Mild acne: Topical treatment with benzoyl peroxide and adapalene

Moderate acne: (more pustules = inflamed pimples) plus oral antibiotic treatment and even contraceptives.

Severe Acne: Oral Isotretinoin Treatment

For recalcitrant acne patients who are unwilling or unable to take oral treatments, treatment can perform in consultation with salicylic acid + LED / Laser peels.

Salicylic peels prevent the obstruction of the pilosebaceous follicle, allow the lesions to drain, and avoid the formation of new ones.

LEDs or light-emitting diodes emit a wavelength that damages the bacteria that colonize the pilosebaceous follicle (Propionibacterium acnes), reducing inflammation.

Non-ablative infrared lasers such as Frax by Ellipse heat the skin in-depth and, in addition to treating acne scars, reduce the number of active lesions due to the decrease in inflammation and sebaceous secretion. It is ideal for acne with scarring sequelae or when there are only marks.

What role do Nutria Cosmetics or Nutritional Supplements have in treating the problem of impurities in the skin?

The intake of trace elements to treat skin pathologies varies every day. It complements medical treatments, although it falls short as a single treatment.

The advantage is that it does not produce side effects and does not dry out the skin. The goal is to reduce sebum production. Brewer’s yeast (rich in vitamin B complex, enzymes, and minerals) is a classic. Magnesium and zinc regulate sebaceous secretion, and I use a lot of Acnavance from Innovate.

Does the use of Isotretinoin have many side effects?

Oral Isotretinoin is prescribed in severe acne cases or resistant to other treatments. It is vitamin A in high doses and causes atrophy of the sebaceous gland. It requires control of liver function, and blood lipids and contraception is essential because it can cause malformations if there is a pregnancy.

The main side effects are dryness of the mucous membranes and skin, minor initial regrowth of lesions, elevated blood lipids and transaminases (less frequent than is believed), and easier to get sunburned. It is essential to carry out the treatment with the necessary duration because if not, relapse is frequent.

Currently, the trend is to put lower doses that are very effective and have greater tolerance.

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