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Skin Care During Seasons – In Summer, In Winter, and More

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Skin Care – Skincare is essential for the following reason: It helps your skin stay in good condition – Skin cells drop off throughout the day, so keeping your skin shiny and in good condition is essential. An effective routine can help stop acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin looking its best.

Skin Care In Summer

Skincare in the sun

Especially in the warmer months, people like to sit down in the sun with a cool drink or a delicious ice cream and enjoy the rays. However, it would help if you never forgot that even supposedly weak sun exposure can leave traces on your skin. It is essential to know what type of skin you are to protect yourself. A distinction makes between six different types, each with other characteristics requiring specific protection.

Type I – Celtic type

Are You Getting Sunburned Quickly? Do you have very light skin, reddish or pale blonde hair, blue, green, or light gray eyes? Do you have freckles that multiply when exposed to the sun? Then you are the Celtic skin type. Your self-preservation time is less than 10 minutes, which is why you should prefer a shady spot, especially at lunchtime, and should apply good lotion to your skin.

Type II Mixed Skin

You can recognize the mixed type by medium skin color, dark or light brown hair, and brown, blue, and green eyes. You hardly have any freckles and turn brown slowly but steadily. The mixed type only gets sunburn sometimes. The self-protection time is up to 30 minutes. Midday sun should avoid and the lips and neck particularly protected.

Type III Dark skin types

The dark characterizes the skin type to light brown skin, brown hair, and dark eyes. People from Arabia, North Africa, and dark Asians have this skin type. There are usually no freckles found here, and neither is sunburn. Although you have a low risk of skin cancer, caution advises. Your self-protection time is 90 minutes. You should always bring headgear and sunglasses with you if you are going to be in the sun for a long time.

Skin Care In Winter

Our skin is highly vulnerable, especially in cold temperatures. Cracks, tension, itching – these phenomena can occur if you do not provide your body with the proper skincare during the freezing season. Of course, the necessary supply of moisture is essential. But that’s non the only thing you should pay attention to. We have put together five skincare tips that you should pay attention to, especially in winter:

Don’t burden your skin unnecessarily! Showering too long, too often, and too hot is a strain on the skin. Use mild shampoos in winter! Use baby shampoos in the cold season. These are gentle on your scalp.

Protect your hands! Since your hands can crack quickly from extreme cold, you should protect them with hand creams and gloves. You can achieve beautiful results with oils and beeswax! Jojoba oil is particularly suitable. Take care of your kissable mouth! You can prevent dry, chapped lips with a greasy care stick. Cream your skin in the evening! Because there, it is particularly receptive to care substances.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! Even in winter, the sun should not underestimate. It may not seem as strong in the Alps as on the beach in Italy, but UV protection is essential when skiing and hiking in the mountains. The nose, cheeks, and lips, in particular, need good cream.

Facial care

A distinction is also made between different skin types regarding facial care. Each skin type has different characteristics and must therefore be cared for differently. Some need a lot of moisture, and others cannot tolerate greasy creams and gels at all. We will bring you to the different skin types and tips on the best care.

Sensitive skin

This skin type reacts quickly to external influences – weather, cosmetics, or perfume. Your skin does not tolerate everything, which is why you should primarily rely on natural products for your skincare. Choose creams and gels that do not dry your skin and therefore do not burden your skin.

Blemished skin:

sometimes a pimple here, sometimes a blackhead there. It is not always easy for people plagued by lousy skin. Home remedies such as healing clay, zinc, and steam baths can help. However, blemished skin is often due to common vices: Cigarettes, alcohol, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep have a significant impact on your skin. So if you want to have clean skin, you swear off your bad habits for good.

Dry skin:

Do you often have a feeling of tension on your skin, coupled with tiny flakes of skin? Then you are most likely the dry skin type. Since your skin gives off too much water, you should avoid perfumed and alcohol-based products in skincare, as these remove even more moisture from the skin. Instead, use gentle care products with olive oil, argan oil, or grapeseed oil, relaxing your skin and providing it with water.

Oily skin:

Those affected have a significant advantage: oily skin is often free of wrinkles due to the film that covers the skin. However, it is precisely this film of fat that also becomes a disadvantage, as it forms the perfect breeding ground for impurities. You can prevent this by “drying out” your skin with the help of suitable skincare products such as healing clay and masks. Avoid soap and use antibacterial washing gels and creams instead.

Combination skin:

You can recognize combination skin because your cheeks are relatively dry. The so-called T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) characterize by quickly greasy skin, which also quickly shines. Problem with combination skin: two different products requires proper care. It would be best to clean your oily areas with clarifying toner and cleansing gel. However, avoid the dry regions not to dry out your skin further. You can provide them with moisturizing products.

: apply scrubs and masks only to the oily area of ​​your face.

Normal skin:

congratulations, you’ve got the winner among skin types! Your skin is straightforward. It’s neither too dry nor too greasy. It also needs little maintenance. However, you can always use a day or night cream for normal skin to keep your skin looking beautiful.

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