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A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Perfect Face Makeup

by Life Bloom Beauty
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Are you ready to master the art of perfect face makeup? Whether you’re a makeup newbie or someone looking to level up their makeup game, this step-by-step guide will help you achieve a flawless look that’s both cruelty-free and vegan. We understand that Indian women with different skin tones have unique beauty needs, so let’s dive right in and discover the secrets to achieving the best face makeup.

Prepping before makeup

Before you start applying makeup, it’s crucial to prepare your skin properly. Here’s how you can do that:

Cleanse with the Right Face wash

Begin with a clean canvas by using a gentle, cruelty-free facewash. This step helps remove impurities and excess oil, ensuring a smooth base for your makeup. Even if you’re a man looking for a cruelty-free option, there are vegan face washes designed for all genders. Face wash for men is different from face wash for women.

Moisturize for a Smooth Base

Apply a hydrating and vegan moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple. This step is essential, as it prevents makeup from looking dry and patchy. Choose a moisturiser suitable for your skin type. You can also opt for a serum which is much lighter than a moisturiser but deeply hydrates your skin from within.

Perfecting the Base

Achieving flawless face makeup starts with a good foundation, a concealer, and a compact face powder literally and figuratively.

Choose the Right Foundation Cream

Select the best face makeup product: a cruelty-free and vegan foundation cream that matches your skin tone perfectly. Apply it evenly using a makeup brush or sponge, focusing on areas that need more coverage. Make sure you choose a shade that suits your skin tone perfectly. Avoid picking shades lighter or darker than your skin tone or else your makeup will look grey and oxidised.

Blend is the key

Blend your foundation well to avoid any harsh lines. Use a damp makeup sponge for a natural and a sheer finish. Remember, seamless blending is the key to achieving a flawless base. If you want a full coverage then you can use a foundation brush to blend.

Conceal Imperfections

To conceal blemishes or dark circles, use a vegan concealer that matches your skin tone. Dab it lightly onto problem areas and blend gently. If you have dark or pigmented areas on your skin then make sure you begin with colour correction which will make concealing easier.

Setting the Base

Once you’ve perfected your foundation, it’s time to set it in place. Apply a compact powder to set your makeup. This step helps control shine and keeps your foundation in place all day. Focus on the T-zone for oil control. Your compact powder will also give your makeup a fresh matte finish.

Bronzer and Blush for Dimension

Add some warmth to your face with a vegan bronzer and a pop of colour with a cruelty-free blush. Apply the bronzer to your cheekbones and the blush to the apples of your cheeks. You can also apply a little blush on your nose for a sun-kissed natural glow.

Eyes and Brows

Now that your face makeup is flawless, let’s enhance your eyes and brows.

Eye Makeup

Create a stunning eye look with vegan eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascara. Experiment with different shades and styles to enhance your unique features. Always start your eye makeup with a concealer to create a fine canvas. Make sure your concealer is a shade lighter than your skin tone. This will not only make the eye shadow colour look brighter, but it will also make your eye makeup last much longer.

Define Your Brows

Use a vegan eyebrow product to define and shape your brows. Well-groomed brows frame your face and add definition. Always begin applying a brow filler from the centre of brow towards the end of your brow for a natural finish.

Lips and Finishing Touches

The final steps involve perfecting your lips and adding some finishing touches. Choose a cruelty-free and vegan lip colour that complements your overall look. Matte or glossy, the choice is yours!

Setting Spray

To lock your makeup in place and ensure it lasts all day, use a vegan setting spray. This step will keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless. You can also use your setting spray in between your makeup steps for a longer lasting finish.

Makeup touch-up tips

Maintaining your makeup throughout the day is essential. Here are some tips. Always carry blotting papers to combat excess oil if you are someone with oily skin. Reapply your lipstick after meals or snacks. Keep a small makeup kit handy for touch-ups.

Achieving perfect face makeup is a breeze when you follow this step-by-step guide. Remember to use cruelty-free and vegan products that align with your values. With the right products and techniques, you can look stunning while staying true to your principles.

So, go ahead and embrace the world of cruelty-free and vegan beauty, and let your flawless face makeup shine!

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