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Sparkling Water – Information, Benefits, Risks, and More

Benefits OF Drinking Water

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What is Sparkling Water?

Sparkling Water – Carbonated water contains carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide. Dissolving in the liquid, it turns into bubbles when the drink depressurizes when the bottle opens.

In detail, there are two types.

(1) Natural sparkling water contains carbon dioxide at its source. That is to say that water and gas coexist in the same groundwater. So it happens that it is also ” reinforced ” with its gas, captured separately in-depth, at the time of bottling.

(2) Carbonated mineral water is still mineral water to which carbon dioxide under pressure from various sources has to add to the factory at the time of bottling. In addition, sodium and other minerals are frequently added to it.

Benefits of Sparkling Water

There are published studies that analyze the relationship between the consumption of sparkling water and its effect on gastric emptying and intestinal comfort. For example, some show that sparkling mineral water would encourage certain abdominal distension because of their high rate of bicarbonate.

Another benefit of sparkling water would be its ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in women during the phase following menopause. However, these results should observe with great caution as some of these studies fund by sparkling water brands.

Weak Points or Risks of Sparkling Water

The first is its salt content, which can sometimes be too high. And this is for health reasons more than for taste because consuming water too rich in sodium when you suffer from water retention, high blood pressure, heart problems, or kidney disease can be dangerous. If you have one of these pathologies or are even pregnant, it is best to consult your doctor to see if it is possible to consume it every day. The second weak point of sparkling water is that if you drink too much of it often, it can lead to stomach bloating and irritation in the intestines.

Does it make you fat?

A common misconception is that it makes you fat. It’s wrong! Indeed, it contains gas and can cause bloating if consumed in excess. But, there is no comparison between and soda in terms of sugars and calories. It is also often recommended in the case of diet because it is less bland than plain water, all for zero calories.

On the other hand, consumed just before a meal, sparkling water can whet the appetite. But at the same time, once in the stomach, water takes up a lot of space and creates a feeling of fullness.

Ultimately: no, sparkling water does not make you fat!

Its effect on dental health

One of the main concerns with sparkling water is its effect on teeth since the enamel is directly exposed to acid. Unfortunately, there is little exact research on this subject. Still, one study has shown that although sparkling water has a slightly higher corrosive potential, the same potential is relatively paltry and 100 times lower than that of sodas.

Many people prefer this non-caloric drink to plain, which generates a pleasant sparkling sensation. However, there is presently no evidence that carbonated or is bad for you.

Does Sparkling Water help Digestion?

Rich in bicarbonates, sparkling waters could allow better emptying of the stomach. However, scientific evidence is limited.

During a hearty meal, who has never used a glass of sparkling water in the hope of better Digestion? The beneficial effects of certain carbonated waters would be multiple on Digestion. Not thanks to the gas itself, but in particular, to the sodium bicarbonate, they contain. It is he who acts on the digestive system.

“Water-rich in bicarbonates could allow better emptying of the stomach. They would also modify the feeling of heaviness after a meal,” explains Pauline Jouët, gastroenterologist. A specialist in functional digestive disorders, at Ambroise-Paré hospital in Boulogne-Billancourt. “But little scientific research confirms these beneficial effects. The results we have are often the result of satisfaction surveys conducted by the manufacturers themselves,” she warns. Subjective criteria, therefore. Finally, a placebo effect cannot, therefore, exclude.

The production of acid – it is all the more critical, the larger the meal – is an integral part of the function of the stomach. However, it can cause reflux symptoms in acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus with burning sensations. Just like anti-acid drugs, which have a buffering effect on acidity, drinking water rich in bicarbonates also appears to decrease reflux symptoms.

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