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How to Stay Healthy? – Kinds of Food we eat, Avoid Food, and More

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How to Stay Healthy – We know that quarantine is the best way to cope and flatten the curve of the increase in Coronavirus cases. But many days at home and without much to do, it becomes a bit monotonous. To combat boredom, we want to cook, and we don’t always prepare healthy food, especially for anxious people, right?

Jacqueline tells us that we must keep anxiety under control to avoid consuming empty calories that will only cause us to gain weight. Also, fundamental, worry about eating healthy to boost our immune system; To accomplish this, we help each other by complying with a pre-established daily routine: personal hygiene, meal times, housework, studies, recreation, etc. Mealtimes are very important, we should not skip meals, and neither do it after hours. It is ideal to start with a good breakfast, have lunch without distractions (hopefully without a TV or cell phone), later a snack or snack, and then dinner.

For Marcial, the best breakfast would be 100% whole wheat bread with cheese, plus fruits with nuts and cereals. He recommends a cooked chicken, green salads, some cooked potatoes, or perhaps some lentils with rice for lunch. One should finish with something light, fish, in this case, poached pippin with vegetables.

What kind of food should we eat?

At each mealtime, include a protein (hopefully low in fat) such as meat, legumes, eggs, fish, dairy products, etc. That will help us maintain satiety and control anxiety. Preferring foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes, will help us keep our immune system. I like fruits and vegetables of red, orange, and yellow color: they are rich in antioxidant vitamins; consume foods rich in essential fatty acids such as avocado, dried fruits (almonds, walnuts), olives, fish such as tuna, salmon, horse mackerel, seeds such as flaxseed or chia, which boost our immune system “, comments the nutritionist, Jacqueline.

Concerning the cooking method I use, I mainly treat that in water or poached ». Our chef instructor adds to these words, in this quarantine and in general, I worry about eating proteins, mainly white meat, fish, chicken breast, skim milk, some red but lean meat (especially pink meat), and eggs, using whites more than yolks (3: 1). Also, he constantly consumes proteins of vegetable origin, lentils, chickpeas, and fruits with nuts such as almonds in his diet. It also complements them daily with foods that provide fiber and protein, preferably cooked oatmeal or quinoa.

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What should we avoid?

According to Jacqueline, fried foods, fats, and sugars depress our defenses and provide us with essential nutrients. In short, eat conscientiously, healthy, and varied as much as possible and avoid foods without beneficial contributions to our health.

What other measures should we take while at home?

For our teacher and nutritionist, as far as possible, carry out some physical activity within our home to increase the production of certain neurotransmitters that will help us maintain good physical and mental conditions. “Please remember that maintaining good hygiene when handling food is also very important, essential to avoid compromising our immune system.”

Marcial explains that the diet that one should have in times of physical activity as in more sedentary times, such as this quarantine, is based mainly on foods that provide good nutrition, a lot of wholemeal, seeds, and sufficient amounts of water, and few animal fats, usually.

A healthy body arrays the stage for your daily well-being during this quarantine. Which is also not so tedious and complicated. These recommendations will allow you to have an active life within your home and a healthy immune system that will help you prevent diseases.

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