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Best Hair Loss Solutions for Women – Causes, Solutions, and More

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Why does our hair fall more and more and sooner? These are the causes and solutions of hair loss.

Hair Loss Solutions – Female alopecia is one of the most common causes of sight of women to the dermatologist, and many causes cause. Daily stress, hair mistreatment, and some hormonal and environmental factors are the most common among them.

Not in vain, fighting acne, which occurs for different reasons, even if you are not a teenager, and alopecia are the most frequent objectives of dermatological consultation in Primary Care, according to estimates made by the Dermatology Service of the Clinical Hospital. Alopecia already affects 20% of women and is a problem that can begin in adolescence, a stage in which hormonal changes start.

And it is that the frenetic lifestyle that we lead along with environmental factors (pollution, wind and UV rays), lack of sleep, low mood, work or exams (which increase the levels of the hormones of the stress), excessive combing and the damage caused by heat tools – since abuse of these is one of the main enemies of healthy, long and beautiful hair – are significantly affecting the sensitivity of the skin and leaving the leather scalp increasingly vulnerable to micro-inflammation. Consequence? That every time our hair falls out more and sooner. Few women are free from seeing hair on clothes, on the pillow, showering, or the brush.

Specifically, how to stop hair loss is a concern for 3 out of 4 women. “Hair loss no longer responds, as we previously thought, only to seasonal changes such as autumn or spring, but today it is only one of many factors.” However, losing between 40 and 100 hairs a day is not worrying since hair is constantly being renewed, “the problem comes when the figure is higher, or there is a decrease in the caliber of the hair.” However, women live it with particular anxiety. “The psychological impact is much worse than in the hombre, and hence, awareness is raised and more involved,” reveals the expert.

There are different types of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss from the roots

To solve it, it is essential, first, to know what causes are behind this fall. Instead, stress levels, hormonal changes in women from puberty and menarche, and poor feeding may be behind a sharp hair fall. In this sense, internal and external factors intervene. “Stress is an aggravating factor or even a trigger, but not the only one. So are factors such as an unbalanced diet (lack of B vitamins (B12, Biotin, vitamin D, folic acid, etc.). Lack of sleep [don’t miss these ideas to sleep better practiced by those who presume to have a great rest] or diseases such as iron deficiency anemia, thyroid or ovarian function”. The consequence of all this is “a hardening of the collagen present in the hair follicle and a lack of essential nutrients with which the root of the hair weakens from within, which causes it to detach.”

Hair loss due to breakage

Secondly, as we have said, some external factors also intervene, such as aggressive brushing, friction with the towel when drying it. The constant use of heating tools (iron, dryer). And also that of elastic bands and continuous exposure to pollution, wind, and UV rays cause weak, dry, and brittle hair and enemies of healthy hair. In the end, all this causes a break in the hair fiber, and the hair becomes weak. That is to say, the hair may break in the middle of the shaft: “the break allows the hair to continue growing from the root, but daily exposure to external aggressors can trigger inflammation in the follicle as well.”

Hair Loss Solutions to Female

Better foods than supplements for Hair Loss Solutions

“Vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc are all essential Hair Loss Solutions hair growth and retention processes. But these nutrients and antioxidants must be obtained from food: from the consumption of carbohydrates. Carbon and whole grains are full of properties and benefits, vegetables such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Which can be safer and healthier compared to taking high doses of supplements”. Excessive intake of nutritional supplements can lead to hair loss. Iron, vitamin A, and selenium supplements have been linked to hair loss. Therefore, it is essential to monitor nutrient levels with a health professional before taking publicized supplements for hair health, “advises a nutritionist.

Hair cosmetics for Hair Loss Solutions

Most of the current hair cosmetics aim at men, and dull or very medical. So they do not manage to retain people. “They represent only 8% of the current market”. To offer a sensory and pleasant Hair Loss Solutions, in addition to being practical, for young women. Kerastase has its Genesis line, which contains aminexil, a well-known anti-hair loss molecule; native Edelweiss cells antioxidants; and anti-aging ally ginger root known for its protective effects against external agents. There is a specific salon treatment for fine and thick Hair Loss Solutions with oily roots and dry ends. In addition to products for use at home. “It guarantees a reduction of the fall of up to 84%”, assures the experts.

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