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Seven Foods you should eat to have Energy all day

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Seven foods you should eat to have energy all day – We live in a world that no longer allows us to fall asleep at noon. Having the battery well charged is always necessary and not only that but also a sign that we are healthy.

Today we will talk to you about seven great foods that you can consume throughout the day to not experience energy drops and satisfy the cravings for half meals that we often supply with junk foods that only degrade us and even lower our spirits.


Believe it or not, energy does not only depend on consuming a lot of sugars or calories. And the water is proof of this. It is proven that consuming energizing things does not do much good when it does not go hand in hand with a lot of water since it allows many essential nutrients to be absorbed.

The amount suggested by those in the know is two liters, or two and a half liters, a day. If you add a little exercise to that, you are already on the other side.


By themselves, they are very energetic. They have antioxidant properties, and, above all, when they are consumed, their release of energy in the body is almost immediate. They are also a source of crucial fatty acids that we can only obtain from abroad.


The reason that this fruit helps you have energy throughout the day lies in the potassium it contains. This mineral normalizes the water balance in the body and, we return to the above. This directly affects how well you can feel. That is why fatigue and tiredness are almost always associated with a deficiency of this substance.

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Oddly enough, garlic helps you feel full and absorb iron, which prevents fatigue. It also has properties to improve blood circulation. Just remember that the ideal is that you eat it raw, not cooked. In this method, you will be able to take advantage of all its benefits.

Seeds and Nuts

It is another classic of classics. Although it is well known that these foods cause satiety, they are ideal for eating when you start to feel hungry and want to delay your meal time without feeling very tired. Since seeds, like peanuts and walnuts, have a lot of magnesium, this is reflected in a much more efficient conversion of carbohydrates into energy.


On top of that, chocolate is proven to improve mood. We love this ingredient, and it is also an immediate source of energy when consumed as pure as possible. That is why it is recommended to drink a few traces of this food when women are in their menstruation period: this helps to feel less tired and improve mood.


Figs are fruits with a lot of simple sugar, which breaks down quickly in the body and is immediately incorporated into the bloodstream. We recommend consuming the freshest figs so that you also take advantage of all the minerals and proteins that they also provide.

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