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Healthy Breakfast – How to start the day right?

How to start the day right? 2022

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Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast – Mom/dad/ grandmother told each of us to have breakfast as a child. And they are not just that! After all, breakfast is the best important meal of the day. Therefore, we will discuss breakfast below, offering you five delicious and nutritious breakfasts.

Studies show that individuals who eat breakfast feel more energized during the day, their brain and memory function much better. In addition, their body mass index is average, which indicates that these people are not overweight and are in better physical shape. In addition, a balanced breakfast is essential for maintaining optimal blood sugar levels and affects our fatigue.

It was not for nothing that “Eat breakfast like a king, dine like a prince, and dine like a poor man.” So let’s talk about a healthy breakfast. It should contain a balanced amount of the essential nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Thanks to proteins, we feel vigorous and full of strength, carbohydrates provide us with energy for the whole morning, and fats contribute to the complete assimilation of nutrients.

Eggs, milk and yogurt, legumes, and lean meats are excellent protein sources. Carbohydrates and healthy for our body tissue are found in whole-grain cereals, such as oatmeal cereal, grain bread, and fruit. Among carbohydrates, you should choose those with a lot of dietary fiber. As a source of energy, such carbohydrates last longer, thus we stay full longer. A small quantity of butter, olive oil, or flaxseed oil will provide you with the necessary fat for proper metabolism.

What should be the proper breakfast?

The foundation of a healthy breakfast is organization. Sometime before meals, you need to drink a glass of water to set the start of the intestines. Breakfast should be moderate in calories. If the meals are too heavy, there is a risk of getting sedentary and overweight, instead of vigor and starting the metabolism.

Breakfast should be balanced in essential nutrients:

  • Building blocks for muscles and enzyme components.
  • “Fuel” for the body.
  • Elements of cell membranes are necessary to assimilate vitamins A, E, K, and D.

It is worth considering the different metabolism of women and men. The increased protein content in morning meals inhibits the production of the hunger hormone, which is essential if you need to lose weight. In addition to the crucial components, breakfast should include other useful substances – antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids.

Based on this, nutritionists have compiled a list of the leading breakfast foods:

  • scrambled eggs or omelet
  • oatmeal with added fruits or dried fruits
  • muesli seasoned with juice or milk
  • buckwheat porridge with milk
  • fruit salad
  • vegetable salad with herbs
  • cottage cheese with fruit
  • whole wheat bread
  • yogurt
  • low-calorie cheese

We figured out the content of our breakfast, so we’ll talk about its form further. There are many breakfast recipes, but we highlight five delicious and nutritious breakfasts.Healthy Breakfast Recipes


1. Oatmeal.

It is well to eat whole grains, and in our case, oatmeal or, as it is also called, rolled oats. If you like oatmeal, choose less processed oatmeal because it will contain more dietary fiber. However, if you want to eat delicate oatmeal, try not to sweeten them with sugar. Instead, use honey or fruit.

2 Eggs.

As noted above, eggs are a brilliant source of protein. To make it even tastier, add whole-grain toast and vegetables.

3. Omelet.

Delicate omelet with cheese – it will be tasty and healthy. Vegetables and herbs are perfect for an omelet.

4. Cheesecakes.

Cottage cheese is an excellent source of proteins, and fat-free also has an optimal amount of fat. It’s so delicious a portion of three or four ruddy cheesecakes, a spoon or two of tender sour cream.

5. Pancakes.

Moreover, Who doesn’t love pancakes? If you have some extra time in the morning, make pancakes. Of course, it is better to knead them in whole grain flour, not only wheat, which will be helpful and tastier. A serving of two or three pancakes with jam or cottage cheese, or cheese and ham is perfect for breakfast.

Imagine experimenting with different ingredients, trying new recipes, choose the best breakfast for yourself according to its benefits and taste. The highest thing is not to forget to have breakfast!

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