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Tips to Properly Choose your Cosmetics at the Time of Shopping.

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Cosmetics – Having a lot to choose from is ideal – who doesn’t love abundance? – but also facing hundreds of products can be overwhelming. You may be a beginner or have decided to renew some of your makeup and beauty products; Whatever your situation, we have several tips that you should consider before choosing.

After all, each type of skin is different and will require cosmetics that meet those needs. You will also have numerous options from other brands that increase the possibilities until they determine those that work for you. Therefore, before starting the search, this is what you should know:

Tips for choosing Cosmetics

The first thing is to identify your skin type

Are you oily, dry, or combination skin? You should also set what you like and prefer: matte, satin or glossy? When you define this, you will be halfway there.

Avoid cosmetics that cause your skin to crack

These are those with irritating ingredients. Always look at the label, and the first ingredients are usually those in the highest proportion.

How to choose a good cleaner?

No problem what type of skin you have; avoid extremes: not too firm, not too dry or oily. The best ones are soluble in water as they act gently on the skin. Remember that you will use it daily.

About skin tone

Cosmetics should compliment your skin tone, never ‘dominate’ it. The bases should cover the imperfections, not change the color completely. But keep in mind that if your skin is dark, you should select dark bottoms, deep colors for the eyeshadow, and eyeliner. But if your skin is very white, choose light tones as a base for your makeup.

Buy at least two shades for the foundation

“No matter which foundation you choose, select two shades within your skin color range so that the darkest can serve as your summer shade, while the lighter as your winter shade, and a combination of both for the months. Intermediate “.

That your makeup is of quality

Even if you have to invest a little more, your skin will notice it – and for the record, it is not the most expensive. Ask and get advice to find the products that offer the best value for money to meet your needs.

It does not get unpleasant that you should discard low-cost makeup and creams, but if you should pay attention to those products that offer a lot for meager prices because usually, they will not be able to meet expectations.

What to choose Cosmetics with sensitive skin?

It would support if you looked at the label of the cosmetics you are about to choose: that they do not carry strong fragrances, that they are hypoallergenic, without large amounts of colorants or preservatives. Check that they indicate sensitive skin, and they indeed meet those characteristics.

What to choose Cosmetics with dry skin?

The base should be mousse or cream type, as the concealer. Avoid loose powders as they will tend to accumulate in the fine lines of your face. The perfect eyeshadows for you are those with a silky and creamy texture. The best eyeliner if it is in pencil – either glossy or matte. And for lipsticks, you should look for moisturizers, preferably containing aloe vera or vitamin E.

What to choose Cosmetics with oily skin?

Oil-free foundations are best so as not to contribute to clogged pores. Loose powder has fewer oils than compact powder, and it would help if you avoided creamy-style eyeshadows, mascara, and lipsticks.

What to choose with combination skin?

Although there are products designed for combination skin, you can also choose cosmetics for the different areas of your coat according to your needs – to obtain more precise results – or opt for specialized products for your skin type.

With these ten tips in hand, you can guide yourself in this choice, which requires time and effort, to find the products that best suit you. Your beauty style will thank you!

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