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Best Sunscreens for Safe Tanning – Uses, Choose, Apply, and More

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Sunscreens for Safe Tanning – Summer has set in. Protecting the skin from the sun’s rays then becomes a priority. Zoom on the best sunscreens to adopt for safe tanning.

We cannot repeat it enough, summer and winter, it is essential to protect yourself against the dangers of the sun. But when the time arises to choose the sun protection department, you get hot and melt like snow in the sun. Not easy to navigate? We talked about sunglasses with Alexandre Vacher, CEO of Physiodermie. Tips and selection!

Why use Sunscreen?

Sun protection, cream, water, or tanning oil protect us from the long and short-term risks involved in exposure. We mean sunburn, peeling skin, dryness, skin aging, dark spots, or even skin cancer. It is therefore recommended that all phototypes without exception use Sunscreen.

Which Sunscreen to try?

“The most important thing is to choose an effective cream with good protection and sun filters that are less harmful to health,” explains Alexandre Vacher. The first criterion is the protection index: it is better to favor a minimum SPF 30 treatment”. What about the face then? “The skin being more fragile there, we readily turn to the index 50, which is a must to block as much as possible UVA and UVB”.

In addition, we no longer talk about sunscreens without thinking about the environment. To reduce the impact, it is good to adopt “a product that respects marine flora and fauna because each year, no less than 25,000 tonnes of sunscreen pours into the oceans”, specifies the expert. Finally, adding an antioxidant or an anti-aging active is a real plus for the epidermis. On the textured side, the expert advises us to choose it pleasant, not too greasy, and non-sticky to take pleasure in applying it and facilitating its integration into our daily beauty routine.

How to properly apply your Sunscreen?How to properly apply your Sunscreen Sunscreens for Safe Tanning


On the most sensitive areas, such as the face and neck, the Sunscreen must imperatively apply last, and this, after the moisturizer. In terms of quantity, the expert mentions the “two-finger rule,” which consists of applying the cream along two hand fingers to determine the necessary amount. But, be careful: tinted creams and other make-up with SPF do not replace the use of Sunscreen. Ideally, on the face and body, you should renew the application every two hours (whether using an SPF 30 or 50) when exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to forget any area! And if you are at the beach, it is recommended to spread the cream before and after swimming.

Our selection of the best sunscreens:

Anti-aging face and body sun care SPF 30, time protects, physiodermie.

As a double protection sun care, this cream effectively protects against the sun and preserves the skin against visible signs of aging. It is composed of new generation invisible “ocean-friendly” filters and a recognized anti-aging active ingredient: plant stem cells. We like its non-sticky texture.

Sun Protection Water Spf 50+, Capital Soleil, Vichy

This solar water with a fresh and non-sticky texture promises to protect the skin from the sun’s rays thanks to its high protection and boost the tan thanks to its beta-carotene concentration. We love its sweet summer scent.

Milky Facial Fluid Spf 50, Sun Sensitive, Lancaster

Respectful of the skin (even the most sensitive) and the oceans, this SPF 50 sunscreen, invisible once applied, offers a luminous finish. We love its milky, non-greasy texture.

Sunscreen Spf 30, Rayons-1001, Typology

This Sunscreen prevents photoaging thanks to mineral and organic filters offering broad-spectrum UVA UVB protection. We love its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to hydrate the skin deeply.

Sunscreen Spf 30

This Sunscreen helps prevent oxidative stress generated by UVA, UVB, and infrared rays with high sun protection. We like its formula respectful of the marine environment and its eco-responsible tube.

Sun Lotion Spf 50

Sun protection and prevention against skin aging are the watchwords of this sun lotion with mineral screens and patented red algae extract. We love its case dressed in delicate and colorful illustrations as part of the collaboration with Les Filles du Surf.

Sun Spray Body Spf 30

This sun spray works in all positions, even upside down. Ultra transparent and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, its formulation is enriched with more than 70% naturally moisturizing ingredients and certified organic antioxidants. We love the delicate scent of a summer cocktail.

Sun Body Lotion Spf 30, Sun, Hello Body

This vegan body lotion contains SPF 30. We love its creamy scent with soft floral notes and pleasantly sweet vanilla.

Body Sunscreen Spf 30, Pick & Love, Clarins

This high protection treatment for all skin types promises hydration and comfort after each application. We love its travel size to take everywhere!

Sunscreen Spf 50+, Intense Protect, Avene

For the first time at Avene, the formula’s photoprotection extends beyond UVA-UVB rays and protects a dangerous part of solar radiation: high-energy visible blue light. We love its hybrid texture, which penetrates the skin in 3 seconds.

Sun Lotion Spf 30, Waterlover, Biotherm

This first Biotherm eco-labeled sun lotion is designed for people who want to combine sun protection (SPF 30) and respect for the oceans. We love its bottle made with 100% recycled plastic.

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