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Six Chic Swimsuits Cover Ups Suggestions for this Summer

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It is summertime – so – wearing swimsuits to the pool, the beach, or on vacation is undoubtedly something that is inevitable this season.

There are a couple of ways to keep things classy on the beach or pool with the best swimsuit cover ups. Irrespective of your age and body type, the right swimsuit cover-up can make you look cute, stylish, and classy.

Here are our swimsuit cover-ups suggestions for you.

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Robe Style

The first swimsuit cover-up we want to discuss is the robe style. It is the one that you can easily pull on and quickly take off when you are ready to jump into the water.

As the name suggests, you wear a robe-style cover-up like a jacket or bathrobe. You proceed to tie it up, and you are good, comfy, stylish, and summer chic. A robe-style swimsuit cover-up is ideal for you if you want something that is easy to get and easy to get off.

A robe-style swimsuit cover-up comes with the bonus of looking incredibly chic.


You can use a kimono as a classy way to cover up your swimsuit. Kimonos are stunning, and the long flowy fabric is adorable in the summertime. You can find kimonos in a variety of different colors and patterns.

Kimonos feel incredibly feminine and inspiring to wear. Pairing a kimono cover-up with a swimsuit will indeed look highly classy. If you are at a summer beach house, you can wear the kimono while lounging around at home.

A kimono is the perfect clothing piece to just lounge in as you are relaxing and enjoying the summer.


Caftans are extremely popular in the summertime, and these also make fantastic swimsuit cover-ups. Caftans are easy and comfortable to wear. By wearing a caftan over your swimsuit, you will feel as if you are nailing an effortless summer style essential.

Caftans are ideal for the beach and perfect for the summer season in general.

Maxi Dress

Another classy swimsuit cover-up item that you need to add to your beach essentials is a maxi dress. A maxi dress doubles as something that you can wear when you are not wearing a swimsuit, and you just want to throw on a maxi dress and go to dinner, hit up a beach party, or walk to a beach festival.

A maxi dress is perfect and classy if you want to enjoy any of your summer activities. A maxi dress is simple to wear and yet elegant to look chic throughout the summer.

Nonetheless, a maxi dress is also an excellent swimsuit cover-up as well. So, anytime you are going from the pool to the car – or – maybe from walking around a water park or going from the water park to a picnic. Whatever the occasion, you might have water games and sports planned for the day.

Wearing a maxi dress over a swimsuit makes you look classy and chic.


A sarong swimsuit cover-up is a giant piece of fabric that you tie around your waist like a skirt. You can also style a sarong in different and fresh ways and treat it like a giant blank canvas. For instance, you can tie the sarong like a traditional skirt, or you can tie it around your neck and wear it almost like a halter dress.

You can also tie the sarong at the bust and then around the neck to create a chic detail in the bust area.

You get the point – the sarong swimsuit cover-up is a very flexible piece of fabric that also looks incredibly stylish and classy on the beach. And while you are at the beach, you will not want to forget to style your preferred swimsuit cover-up with your sandals, hat, and sunglasses to create that fabulous look.

Swim Skirts

Another versatile swimsuit cover-up would be the swim shorts –also known as skim skirts, which is basically a short skirt combo. Swim skirts are wonderfully functional on the beach, and a lot of women love to wear these.

Swim skirts are great if you want to turn your inner fashionista on and maybe get a little tan on your arms – but – you also want to walk on the beach, and you don’t want to wear your swimsuit alone. In this case, you can quickly throw a swim skirt on and look fabulous walking on the beach.

You can find a lot of options for swim skirts and find the style, color, and pattern that you will like the most. Swim skirts are an excellent option for the days when you have sporty activities planned near water, such as playing water games.

But – you will want to look classy as well, which is why you will want to keep in mind the entire head-to-toe look when gla

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