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Faithfully take care of your skin naturally

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5 Tips for Developing Skin Naturally5 Tips for Developing Skin Naturally

Care of your skin – Pollution, stress, sun, cold, fatigue. Faced with outside aggressions and the daily rhythm of life, it is essential to take care of your skin every day. Determine five 100% natural commands for taking care of your skin.

1. Cleanse and Remove Make-Up from your Skin Morning and Evening

The first step is the most important to have beautiful skin. Every day, the skin is attacked from the outside (dust, sun, wind, cold, pollution, etc.) and suffocated by the make-up layer, sweat, dead skin, and residues that stick together and accumulate during the daytime. That is why it is essential to clean it thoroughly every day. It is preferable to use natural products that respect your skin type, pH, and hydrolipidic film (the protective film covering the epidermis’s surface).

Facial cleansing should do gently without attacking or damaging the skin.

2. Deeply Nourish and Hydrate your Skin

After a complete cleansing of the skin, the essential beauty gesture is to take good care of the skin to maintain its elasticity. Use a 100% natural product, preferably a non-greasy oil that is non-comedogenic. Massage the product with circular and gentle gestures until the product penetrates entirely into the skin.

Before moisturizing your skin, a little tip is an excellent addition to cleansing and make-up removal. Apply a natural non-alcoholic tonic lotion. This water tone cleanses and refreshes the skin.

3. Protect Your Skin

Even if the sun plays a fundamental role in the skin’s well-being thanks to vitamin D, it will also be its main enemy. If the skin exposes to the sun’s rays for too long, it can cause sunburn or more or less profound and significant skin lesions.

That is why to preserve the health of the skin, and it is essential during exposure to the sun to apply a full screen with an index adapted to your skin (it recommends renewing the application regularly and not to expose to the sun during the hours when the sun is strongest). Every day of the year (whether on vacation or in the middle of winter), your skin exposes to the sun, which is why you must choose and use daily skincare products that protect from the sun with SPF.

The second great enemy of the skin in the cold. In front of it, the skin can quickly become sensitive, dry, red, and tight. Therefore, it is also necessary to protect it well and not to use cosmetics, which could further weaken it.

4. Sleep between 7 and 9 hours per night

Work, sport, children with a reasonably metrical lifestyle, it is not often easy to get your quota of hours of sleep. The suggested rest time is between 7 and 9 hours per night, depending on the individual. A time that imperatively respects to let your skin breathe. For healthy skin, a healthy lifestyle is necessary.

5. Use 100% Natural Cosmetics for the skin

We mention using natural ingredients, such as essential and vegetable oils. The Indian brand comprises a range of natural cosmetics for all skin types, level the most sensitive.

The foremost oils that make up the products are:

  • Cadier wood essential oil: antiseptic, soothing, parasiticidal
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil: anti-inflammatory, painkiller, soothing
  • Cinnamon bark essential oil: anti-infectious, antifungal, antibacterial, astringent
  • Lemon essential oil: antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral
  • Hazelnut vegetable oil: protective, healing, softening
  • Sweet almond vegetable oil: healing, nourishing, soothing

Healthy skin also drives through food because it needs specific vitamins such as vitamin A, B (B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12), C, and E. These fundamentals are found mainly in fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, dairy products, and meats. But minerals and trace elements such as zinc, selenium, and magnesium, and also omega-3s help to have beautiful skin. It recommends drinking 2 liters of water per day.


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