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Best Primers to keep your Foundation Intact – About, Apply, and More

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Primers  – The need (or not) to use a primer under the Foundation is one of the hottest debates in the beauty community right now. Its detractors assure that it is not necessary to use a specific product for this purpose and that with certain cosmetic products, it is sufficient, such as a facial hydrating gel or moisturizer. At the same time, its supporters would never apply a makeup base without it underneath.

Who is right, and who is wrong? We may never know. But what we can assure you is that the preparation before applying a makeup base is necessary and must adapt to your skin type to achieve a flawless result. And in this article, Life Bloom Beauty.com will talk about the best makeup primers according to your skin type.

What is a Primer? – What is it used for?

A primer is what we can imagine by its name: a preparatory product that is applied right after your facial routine and before starting with makeup, creating the perfect canvas to achieve a super polished result on the skin.

Your first or primer can be your hyaluronic acid serum, a cream for oily skin that controls shine, or a product specifically designed as a primer, which we will talk about today.

How to apply a Primer before Makeup?

Unlike makeup setting products like setting powders or setting sprays, primer applies right after you’ve finished your skincare routine and before you start your makeup.

To apply the primer correctly, take a little product between your fingers and apply it to the face with a gentle massage. If your skin is oily, apply the primer only to areas where more sebum is generated, usually the forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. Once you have massaged it on your face, let it air dry for a while. Canvas ready!

Does my skin need a Makeup Primer?

It depends. Do you like the finish you achieve with your tinted Foundation or moisturizer? If not, you may need to use a prep product. Failing that, no, you don’t need any primer. For example, it may be that your skin is so dry that the makeup base loses its luminosity over the hours or that you generate a lot of fat in the T zone, and you always end up with all the makeup smeared.

In that situation, it will be necessary to look for a first moisturizer if you have dry skin or a mattifying one for combination and oily skin if your primary problem is the size of the pores and the shine of the skin. And if your mascara runs, you can also use an eyelid primer.

It is essential to know if your primer and your makeup base are compatible

Silicones you can detect because they always end with -siloxane, -silane, -control, -cones. You should also consider the formula of your makeup base: if it contains silicone, it is better to opt for a primer formulated with this ingredient. If, instead, your makeup base is water-based, opt for a primer that is also water-based: otherwise, they may not get along, and you will get a bad result.

Still not sure which primer is the best for your skin type? We are going to help you. Let us begin! Here are the best makeup primers or primers you’ll find.

1. The best primer for oily skin and enlarged pores is from Benefit

Yes, this is one of the primers that started it all: Benefits The POREfessional is a primer with a silicone-based ingredient list. What does this mean? Well, it is perfect for keeping shine at bay throughout the day for combination and oily skin.

Silicone covers large pores, creating a smooth surface that prevents oil from coming into contact with your Foundation, thus providing a perfect finish for many, many more hours than your Foundation could endure without it.

2. El High Adherence Silicone Primer The Ordinary

Yes, The Ordinary also has a couple of makeup primers that work well and at a challenging price to compete with other brands.

It, in particular, is the High Adherence Silicone Primer, an ideal product to avoid shine on skin with a tendency to secrete oil and which, in the same way as the previous one, achieves it thanks to the presence of silicone in the formula.

Remember that it is better to use it only in the T zone, which is where we generally want to avoid the appearance of oil over time.

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