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What is Fashion? – Influential Men’s Fashion Trends

Men's Fashion Trends 2022

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Perfect is the reflection of an era, a country, a culture, or a population. Whether tailor-made, artistic, musical, decorative, aesthetic, political, linguistic, sporty, or geographical. Fashion is made and not made, excludes, or includes all horizons and areas. We can love it, run away, seek it, despise it. But what are we talking almost, where does it come from, and what is it? What are they used for? When we consider Fashion, we have in awareness the clothing industry, luxury goods, cosmetics, the brands that create and change accessories to elaborate the look. Fashion is also a means of declaring one’s social standing, purchasing power, or personality.

Some Influential Men’s Fashion Trends

A liberated style

A major underlying trend is the adoption of a more liberated style. Here is a list of the style trends that will strongly influence our type in the coming years.

The streetwear style

This style has its origins in the New York streets of the 70s and 80s. It gained popularity thanks to R&B in the 90s and 2000s. Then, it had its consecration in the 2010s.


  • Activewear and athleisure
  • This trend of comfort clothing is embodied in activewear, also called athleisure.
  • The idea here is the active life.
  • The fusion of sports activities in everyday life.
  • A more relaxed style in the office

The clothes that men wear in the office have changed a lot. The work uniform of the executives tends towards relaxation, the casual. Ties are disappearing, and Friday wear is no longer limited to Friday. Even bankers and consultants replace the suit for the shirt/jeans or the T-shirt.

Above all, you have to be well in your pumps. The Silicon Valley startup style is spreading. It is the idea of: “come to work as you are and as you feel comfortable.”

We call it a T-shirt is a new suit. And for that, men need a high-quality T-shirt.

Chinese Fashion

China is positioning itself as an El Dorado for European and American brands. They expect growth in the Chinese market in 2021 (unlike Europe, which still risks suffering from the coronavirus).

Luxury houses are looking to please China and are launching collections designed specifically for Chinese consumers.

An Increasingly Segmented Market

When we take a step back, we notice that we face an increasingly segmented market.

Everyone forges their style. We see the less and less uniform or mainstream manner.

On the contrary, we see many influences coexist: preppy, workwear, streetwear, sportswear, formal, sartorial, BCBG, avant-garde, etc.

Also, it is common to observe that men’s style tends to be more and more fluid. The same person who will dress in a suit one day can go out with a sweatshirt and joggers the next.

A craze for “Glocal” Fashion

Brands are increasingly concerned about the impact of the clothes they sell.

And that goes through a reasoned and often increasingly local value chain. For example, we see it in France. Made in France is rising.

Three reasons for this: Men’s Fashion Trends

The Economic Aspect – The French are susceptible to the support of the local economy. But it is also the case of the English and the Americans. We see a lot of brands building on the “made in our region.”

The Social Aspect – Fashion has outsourced its production to Asia by neglecting the working conditions in the workshops. Producing in the country where the clothes are sold tends to guarantee better working conditions for the seamstresses.

The Environmental Aspect – Fashion is an industry that pollutes and generates a lot of waste. Producing close to the place of purchase makes it possible to reduce transport and better monitor respect for the environment.

I am talking about “glocal” here. Because there is, all the same, a European dynamic ( global ) is also registered.

And again, there are three reasons: Men’s Fashion Trends

The Croissant – Brands must sell beyond their home country to grow.

Quality – Not all workshops are created equal. Sometimes you have to go abroad to find specialized seminars. (That’s why GoudronBlanc T-shirts are made in Portugal.)

The Material – Not all materials grow in France or even in Europe. Quality cotton comes mainly from India, Egypt, Peru, and the United States.

The local trend, therefore, combines with a global movement. If the topic interests you, I recommend its article on the French T-shirt.

The success of green materials – Men’s Fashion Trends

However, one of the counterparts of responsible Men’s Fashion Trends is to use more ecological materials.

Moreover, I see more and more readers asking questions about the origin of materials. Special attention live given to organic cotton. But we also see an interest in French flax and hemp.

The Plot of Recycled Clothes- Men’s Fashion Trends

When we talk about materials, we also see the launch of collections made with recycled materials.

  • For example, it is possible to make fabric fibers from recycled water bottles.
  • Responsible men’s Fashion
  • Men are increasingly the challenges of responsible Fashion.

Firstly, Men’s Fashion was a pioneer in this area. But we now see many men being concerned about the ethics of the value chain and the origin of materials.

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