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Heat Protectors – Uses, Choose the Best, and More

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Why use a Hair Protector before ironing it?

Heat Protectors – Ironing the hair at high temperatures causes damage to the hair fiber that can be irreversible. The heat causes the hair to get weaker and weaker as the iron passes, even with the blow dryer and curling irons.

Using a Heat Protectors earlier, styling your hair using high temperatures is necessary. It customs a protective layer on the hair strands, preventing the heat from acting directly and causing damage.

According to the brand, there are several different presentations, and each one offers various benefits for the hair. That is why you can find spray protectors in the form of gels or creams.

In addition, some help repair damage, nourishes the hair, and prolong the straightening, while others are only responsible for protecting the hair against heat. If you constantly use Heat Protectors on your hair, the best thing to do is always apply a thermal protector before straightening it.

Exactly how to choose the Best Heat Protectant for your hair?Heat Protectors for your Hair


As the chief recommendation, the best thing you can do to take caution of your hair through straightening is to choose a suitable iron for your hair type. You should choose one that does not generate damage to your hair, with adjustable temperatures and ceramic coating.

One of the best options is the Remington hair straighteners, as they have an unbeatable track record in hair care and the Bamba straighteners from Cecotec.

My second recommendation is to consider several factors when selecting the thermal protector. Combined with a good iron, it will prevent your hair from weakening and breaking due to the Heat Protectors.

Heat Protectors – Features

The features that you should consider are the following:

Temperature Level

Every thermal protector has a maximum temperature level to protect the hair. Generally, the maximum temperature is 230 ° C, although some only protect up to 210 or 220 ° C. Choosing a perfect product for the temperature levels you regularly iron your hair is crucial.

Can it be used on dry hair?

Some protective treatments can use on both dry and wet hair.

It is advantageous when touching the hair with the iron since it avoids wetting the hair to put on the protector.

Heat Protectors – Composition

Many protectors prepare from silicones that help maintain shine in the hair and make a protective layer on the strands. Though treatments based on natural oils such as Argan, castor, or sunflower oil are more recommended since, in addition to protecting, they also provide nutrition and hydration to the hair.

Repairing Effect

It is a characteristic that you should constantly look for in a thermal protector as Heat Protectors since it is required to protect from heat and essential to repair the damage that the hair fiber may suffer.

As heat is helpful to the hair, it weakens to the point of breakage.

That is why a treatment that includes keratin, natural oils, and vitamins is the most recommended, as it will help nourish and strengthen the damaged strands again.

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