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What is Fashion? – Fashion comes from, Importance, Purpose, and More

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Once we think of Fashion, we notice the clothing industry, luxury goods, cosmetics, the brands that create and develop accessories to embellish the look. Fashion is also a way of asserting one’s social standing, purchasing power, or personality.

Three ” Léa ” in class, all on vacation in the Dominican Republic or even ” yo man ” to say ” hello ” … Fashion creates changes that are renewed regularly as well, two, three, four times a year, in the case of clothing fashion with successive collections. Another peculiarity of Fashion is that instead of adding new elements, it tends to remix them. For example, OMI’s 2015 summer hit – “Cheerleader” is an older track remixed by a “trendy” DJ.

Where does Fashion come from?

While those who create Fashion are often artists or designers, everyone may feel that they want to start one. We all have an innovative part in us. Fashion is defended by critics and by all those it touches who become its ambassadors. Here too, we can be impacted, if we want to because follow Fashion it’s not mandatory

It is difficult to say when it dates back, difficult to imagine if prehistoric people chatted about the last fashionable animal skin. However, it seems that it is in Antiquity that we find the first fashion phenomena such as uy. In the Middle Ages, thanks, for example, to the commercial opening of the Silk Road, the meeting of other civilizations allowed the rise of Fashion. Know it today.

Why is Fashion so important?

Since it uses volume, material, color, etc., Fashion can be defined as an art. It is aimed at our senses, our emotions, our intellect. It inspires us, creates an atmosphere, and can play on our state of mind. Is this the secret of its importance? We live in a sphere/world that gives a lot of credit to appearance, and we often tend to judge a person by his looks. That is the reason why we attach a lot of importance to clothing, to adornment.

That is not a new, purely contemporary phenomenon: we have always been obsessed with the way others look and our clothing style. The history of humanity proves that Fashion has always mattered, and the way people dress still matters to others. The tombs of the Egyptian kings, filled with ceremonial clothes and jewels, clearly show us that the concern for appearance goes back thousands of years and that it responds in man to the eternal need to please and to please oneself.

The garment essentially acts as a second skin; it is a part of us. It is naked that the child comes into the world, and the clothing plunges him into humanity.

Fashion takes it upon itself to make him a body other than his anatomical body with which he has to deal. So, growing up, the body becomes a fashion body, an object of desire. Because Fashion refers to the whimsical, symbol, and imagination, and the image consumes Fashion. If the garment meets a pragmatic need (warmth, comfort, protection), style plunges us into dreamlike.

What is the Purpose of Fashion?

Fashion brings together individuals who will go to the same desires or make the same choices. It conveys values such as change, the brief, the new, the modern, the latest, the original, the highly publicized, elitism, luxury.

But Fashion doesn’t just express our mood. And it also reveals who we are through our choices and our clothing habits.

Clothing, therefore, marks social anticipation: We dress as we would like to be. It is the tacit expression of our identity, which is reflected in the reaction, good or bad, of the gaze of others. But clothing is also a source of pride which leads us in a search for authenticity.

It is why Fashion is an art form and a social marker that allows us to proclaim our uniqueness, our desire to distinguish ourselves from the social group to which we belong, or, on the contrary, to show our belonging. to this same group.

We have always been obsessed with the way others look and our style of dress.

From childhood, the clothing suggested by parents can be a source of conflict if it does not please friends. Thus, from the first years of his life, the child dresses to “sell himself” in the morning.

In adolescence, clothing marks an opposition, a distance. It is also used to get closer to others to form a group of pairs (see the article ” we are all clones “). By dressing like his boyfriend, the adolescent chooses the other as his identity group.

The passage to adulthood in no way takes away this desire to express oneself through one’s clothing because clothing is a source of pride. The elegance of which refers to the upper class. And, even if the principle is debatable, we are often judged on our dress and our attitudes, especially in the world of work. It is therefore essential to obey social conventions in matters of clothing.

Fashion is a social phenomenon that concerns us all, even if we are not always aware of it. It is pleasant and necessary to please yourself when you judge yourself in the mirror of everyday life. A beautiful wardrobe is an assurance of being able to respond to the mood of the day. It gives us confidence in our personal and professional relationships and values ​​us in the eyes of others. And it is for all these reasons that Fashion is so important.

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