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About Manicure: Definition, Types, and More

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Manicure Definition

Manicure – A manicure is a loveliness treatment for the nails and hands done at home or in a beauty salon. In a manicure, the ends of the pins are cut, filed, hands are massaged, and nail polish is applied. When this procedure is done on the feet, it is called a pedicure.

There is an excellent variety of manicures; for example, there is the natural enameling described above. The semi-permanent that lasts for 20 days, resins or acrylics with much more decoration, give you length and duration, there are also false ones that are to stick the nail on your natural nail.

Some manicures may include painting designs on your nails or applying small stickers or faux jewelry. Other treatments include the application of artificial nails, which is known as a ” French manicure.

The 7 Types of Manicures (to look after and show off hands and nails)

The different types of manicures that exist serve other purposes. Maybe you don’t like to have nail color or feel that it doesn’t go with you, but even so, taking care of your hands should not be lacking.

Performing the treatment manicure once a month will be good for you, and you will feel the difference. On the previous hand, if color is your thing, there is a wide variety of styles for all tastes and personalities.

1. Paraffin Manicure

The paraffin manicure or a full manicure is ideal for dry skin and cold climates.

Supplementary and more women are opting for this sort of Manicure without enameling as it helps to show off perfect nails without the need for them to belong and be flashy.

When removing the hands from the paraffin, the hands are gently massaged, and oil applies to hydrate. Nails are trimmed, filed, and cuticle pusher. This type of Manicure should be involved in a beauty center, as the paraffin used is unique, you will not be able to find it easily.

2. Hot Stones

Hot stones have therapeutic effects. As with a body massage of this type, this Manicure consists of placing two hot rocks on the back of the hand. The goal is to relax your hands and lessen joint pain.

After applying the hot stones, the hands are massaged and moistened with special oils. Subsequently, the basic Manicure performs: cutting nails, filing, and pushing the cuticle.

3. Rehabilitating

A rehabilitating manicure is ideal for hands with extra dry or damaged skin. The hands are wrapped up in a container with aloe vera and unique algae for a manicure. Once the needles are removed from the container, the mixture terminates, and an exfoliant is applied.

The goal is to smooth and remove dead cells that cause the skin to appear dull. This treatment is used when different factors have damaged the skin of the hands. Having been exposed to shallow temperature changes is one of the reasons why people suffer from dry hands.

4 . American Manicure

It is different from the French Manicure in which more naturalness requires.  The nail tips have been painted a shade of beige instead of white, and the bed can even be a ‘nude’ (transparent) polish. In addition, the order when applying the layers is the opposite: the neutral enamel used last so that the advantage is not so defined.

5. Italian Manicure

It is another form of the French but much more modern. If we opted for this style, instead of making up the entire edge of the nail from one side to the other, we make up only one of the sides, as a skewed effect.

6. Russian Manicure

This technique is unique since it only refers to the method used to treat the cuticle area. And it is that, instead of using a manual tool to push them, the Russian Manicure contains the use of an electric winch.

Different burs use for each section of the nail, but the objective is to clean the region among the skin and the pin so that the enamel remains as close.

It is a technique that requires perfect exactitude, and that name knows it because it is the most widespread fashion in that country, where very long, square, and ornate nails are common. In addition, the stilettos with square toe Ballerina type also triumph. Of course, always long and busy with Nail Art with Strass and reliefs.

7. Brazilian Manicure


It is a very particular manicure practice that has the objective of prolonging the duration of the decoration and that it does not alter with the growth of the nail.

The enamel is applied both on the nail and on the surrounding skin to cover the inner part of the cuticle. Later the excess is removed.

Keep in mind that it is ordinary for the cuticle to cut when applying this treatment, which is regularly detrimental to the health of the nails since it is a natural barrier against any external agent.


A manicure is a cosmetic gorgeousness treatment for the nails and hands done at home or in a beauty salon. In a manicure, the limits of the pins are cut or filed, the hands massaged, and nail polish is applied.

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