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What is the Correct Order to Apply Skin Care?

Skin Care – How many are unused skin care products in your bathroom? You had to wait for the perfect moment to use them, but it still gets confusing.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve found the correct order for your skincare set.  contact@

Before we Explain All the Steps, Let’s Get Familiar With Some Basic Rules of Skin Care Routine:

  • Start from the most delicate texture to the coarsest texture.
  • Apply water-based products before oil-based
  • Go from lowest to highest pH
  • Low and high pH products should not mix.

The correct order of application of skin care products is significant to get the most out of your routine.

Remember that we all have different skin types and that what works for others may not work for you. Now let’s get started!

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The right way to start any skincare routine is to cleanse. Before putting products on your face, make sure to use cleansers first. And it is so that your skin absorbs the ingredients effectively and adequately. It’s a must, especially if you have oily skin and residue from products you used the night before.

2. Tonic

Toners serve to prepare the face so that the ingredients are better absorbed later. Toning also removes dirt, impurities, and any traces of your cleanser. In addition, it can help balance the pH of the skin. When done daily, it can positively affect the appearance and sealing of pores.


A fundamental way to improve your skin is to use products adapted to your concerns, which offer by serums. It’s led by higher doses of concentrated active ingredients intended to nourish, hydrate, protect your skin and treat specific skin problems.

4. Face oil

Although some formulas can clog pores, using the right product can help supplement our natural oils. Using facial oil can reduce the risk of breakouts. And facial oils it also meant to be an extra level of protection for the skin.

5. Eye cream

The eye creams individually formulate for the okay, delicate skin around the eyes. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since these areas do not have oil glands, there is nothing to help keep them hydrated.

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