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Movies Like The Platform – Watch Similar Movies on Netflix

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Know Movies Like The Platform

Movies Like The Platform: The Platform was a pretty exciting movie. It is a fantastic sci-fi thriller that is sure to keep up all night. This movie has a bit of everything, but it mainly revolves around human behavior, ethics, group psychosis, and society. It is among the most violent film in recent times, with graphic scenes that are memorable, and we have many movies which are Movies Like The Platform.

The horror movie The Platform has become a massive hit on Netflix. Although the timing of its release is impeccable, its success is likely due to how deeply embedded it is in today’s cultural zeitgeist. With Parasite’s landmark win for Best Picture, the English-speaking world has never been more receptive to the foreign-language cinema.

5 Best Movies Like The Platform

The Hunt

This twisted horror satire finally finds its home audience. A variant of The Most Dangerous Game, The Hunt mixes horror and social commentary by following a group of “undesirables” as they are hunted for sport by “liberal” elites.

Like the prison structure of The Platform, this film shows the horror of social hierarchy, not only because of its injustice but also because of the way it forces humans to treat each other. Fortunately, there are more laughs in The Hunt, so it’s a good alternative if you find The Platform too dark.

Twelve strangers arouse in the middle of an open field. The rich and the elite gather in a remote location to hunt humans for sport. However, her plans shatter for the first time by one of her victims named Crystal (Betty Gilpin), who is about to turn the tables on her pursuers.

Rec/Rec 2 (2007/09)

Firmly in the found footage genre, Rec was a massive hit upon release. Following a documentary crew, they join a team of firefighters on a call to an apartment building whose residents have some infection.

Excellently plotted and genuinely terrifying, these films should be presented as a double bill as they feed into and work with each other. Rec 2 picks up seven minutes after the first film’s end and is one of the few sequels to improve upon the first film as Movies Like The Platform

Metropolis (1927)

In the OG movie, this silent German classic was ahead of its time in sci-fi terms. Set again in 2027, Metropolis tells a love story between the son of a wealthy businessman and a working-class leader. And also, how they try to bridge the revolutionary class struggle in a society industrial. But, of course, a mad inventor and his robotic creations are in the mix whose goal is to take over this modern dystopian kingdom.

Directed by Fritz Lang, the legacy of the visionary film lives on in many science fiction films.  A character decides to be a messiah for his people, to challenge the authoritarian system that reigns in an unequal society.

Piercing (2018)

Piercing is a tiny but fascinating horror film. It follows a clumsy man, Reed, who fantasizes about committing murder. Eventually, he has to resist temptation, so he hatches a plan, trains, and invites a girl to his apartment. But, unfortunately, as soon as he arrives, things start to go wrong.

Writing is one of La Platform’s great strengths; the characters often use their wits to survive and outwit their cellmates. Likewise, while dark, Piercing is also a masterclass in building tension, and through the two characters’ dialogue, their relationship becomes one of the film’s most exciting elements.

Ready or Not

After marrying the love of her life on her family’s beautiful estate, Grace (Samara Weaving) couldn’t be happier with where she is now. But, when the time comes to take a dark turn, she hides from midnight to dawn while her in-laws try to hunt her down with any weapon at her disposal.

As Grace struggles to survive, she tries to develop a plan to turn the tide and even the playground for her new parents. It’s an entertaining movie like movies like the platform. Getting married and then having to fight for your life against your new in-laws is a big concern.


The philosophical take on science fiction, offered by the film movies like the platform, is also found in a few other sci-fi gems with similar themes or premises. “The Platform” debuted in March 2020 on Netflix, quickly becoming one of the streaming platform’s most successful original films with over 56 million views.

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