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5 Top Movies like Sicario – Best Action and Suspense

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The Best Action and Suspense Movies Like Sicario

Only the best action thrillers deserve to be similar to Movies like Sicario, and fans should love these other movies.

Only the best action-thriller films can genuinely be considered Movies like Sicario, with its stunningly beautiful cinematography and gruesome subject matter. However, plenty of fan-favourite movies, both from director Denis Villeneuve and many other acclaimed filmmakers, can hit the same spots. Several of them are also available for subscribers on major streaming platforms or even for free.

Sicario is a slow-burn thriller about the nuances of drug cartel operations and the US-Mexico border. The film focuses on three different perspectives: an FBI agent played by Emily Blunt, a secret government agent played by Josh Brolin, and darker hitman played by Benicio del Toro.

What are the Movies like Sicario?

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Sicario is one of the few movies where action and emotional drama converge to create an incredibly dark and action-packed film. Unfortunately, a simple cop vs drug dealers movie starts as a movie turns into a suffocating and hard-to-watch ride. It’s not a horror movie, but there are some nightmarish scenes like movies like sicario.

It is not easy to watch, mainly because of its heavy tone. However, although you are venturing into dark territory, it is a fascinating experience.

Top 5 Movies Like Sicario

  1. Sicario: Day of the Soldier (2018)
  2. No Country for Old Man
  3. Prisoners
  4. The Town (2010)
  5. Heat

Sicario: Day of the Soldier (2018)

Day of the Soldado tries to have the same tone as its predecessor and received high ratings from fans, even though it didn’t receive as good reviews as the original. Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro are returning as Matt Graver and Alejandro Gillick. Still, Emily Blunt is not in the main cast, and Denis Villeneuve is not returning either.

The plot focuses on smuggling people across the border from Mexico into the United States. The CIA became involved after learning that terrorists are into the United States through this smuggling system. . It’s not exactly the most linear experience of the original. Still, the hot action is very similar in the sequel just like movies like sicario.

No Country for Old Man

When a hunter stumbles upon over $2 million in drug money, he finds himself chased and stalked by a psychopathic man who won’t give up until he delivers the money. But he’s not about to give the money away without a fight.

Those hoping for a good action spectacle will return empty-handed, for the most part. The heart of No Country for Old Man is in the subtlety of its characters without jaw-dropping chases, acerbic shootouts, or last-minute twists. However, it does have a deep, multi-layered story that will touch your heart.


The story follows a desperate father in search of his missing daughters. When the police begin to wallow in the case, he takes matters into his own hands to find her. Little does he know that a breathtaking truth awaits him on the other side of the investigation.

The combination of powerful performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, backed by a powerful script, results in a relentless film that refuses to let audiences take a break. This film is living proof of Jackman’s mesmerizing acting prowess, even outside the Marvel Universe.

The Town (2010)

The Town is a crime epic set in Boston that revolves around professional robbers whose primary target is banks. Still, their leader, played by director Ben Affleck, begins to have second thoughts about his life of crime when he falls in love with a woman he had—taken hostage during a robbery.

Jeremy Renner co-stars in the film movies like sicario as Affleck’s best friend and flight attendant, who continues to pressure him to stay in the gang, breaking his loyalty in two. While it doesn’t focus on drugs, there is scathing action that any Sicario fan would appreciate throughout the film.


Arguably the heat makes most other heist movies feel like high school feuds. Yet, confusingly, more than 15 years later, Hollywood hasn’t produced better shooting scenes to date. If you’ve ever held a gun and fired a few shots, you know that the Hollywood portrayal of shootings differs from how they feel and sound in real life. This cruelly suffocating feature, however, is a different ball game. From the echoes of the gun to the sound of bullets passing through your ears, everything feels natural, too honest at times.

It’s one of those movies where you support both the protagonist and the antagonist. But, such is the majesty of their spectacular performances that you can’t help but become emotionally involved in whatever they do, hoping they don’t cross paths. And yet, when they do, you’ll love bathing in the blood-soaked mayhem that ensues.

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