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Thisinh.Thithptquocgia.Edu.Vn 2023 – Instructions on registering an account to take the 2023 National High School Exam online. As for registering for the exam, candidates can do so through 2 forms: (1) register directly at the exam registration unit or (2) register for the exam online. In particular, with online registration, candidates can do so at the website http://thisinh.thitotnghiepthpt.edu.vn/ in the following two ways:

Through the account provided by the receiving point

Thisinh.Thithptquocgia.Edu.Vn 2023 (2)

First, candidates need to access the website http://thisinh.thitotnghiepthpt.edu.vn/ and follow the steps in the following instructions to register for the 2023 National High School Exam:
Step 1: Log in to the website through your ID/CCCD number and login code that has remained scored. Receive documents provided or received in an email. Then enter the confirmation code (Captcha code on the screen ) > and click “Log in.”
Step 2: The Change login code screen will display after successfully logging in. Candidates need to change the new login code according to their wishes to increase the security of their accounts when registering for the high school graduation exam.

Important Note:

Use a strong password of at least eight characters, including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters.
Step 3: After changing the login code, candidates will go to the page to enter the high school exam registration form. At this time, candidates need to fill in all information according to the available fields. Please fill in the following information:
Photo section:  This is the area to upload card photos, only photos in JPG or JPEG format, sized 4×6 cm, and taken no more than six months from registration for the 2023 National High School Exam.
Section 5 (Place of permanent residence):  This is the place to enter the Province/City code, District/District code, and Commune/Ward code. If you do not know the code, candidates can click on the “search” icon, then select their Province/City, District, and Commune (Ward) of residence and click the “Select” button. The system will mechanically fill in the corresponding code in the boxes in section 5.
In addition, if you permanently reside for more than 18 months in a particularly difficult commune, candidates need to indicate the time of permanent residence, filling in the day/month/year in the corresponding boxes.
Section 6 (Place of high school education or equivalent): This is where to enter the Province/City and high school codes attended. If you don’t know the code, click the “search” icon on the right, then select the Province (city) and the name of the High School and click the “Select” button. The system automatically fills in the Province and school codes in the corresponding boxes on the high school graduation exam registration form.

Register an account to take the 2023 National High School Exam through public services

In addition to logging in with the account provided by the reception point, candidates can log in with a public service account according to the following instructions for registering for the 2023 National High School Exam:

  • Step 1: Visit the website http://thisinh.thitotnghiepthpt.edu.vn/
  • Step 2: Click the “Log in to the National Public Service Portal” button instead of filling in your account information as usual.
  • Step 3: Next, candidates must fill in CCCD/CMT, password (public service account), and authentication code and click the “Log in” button.
  • If you do not have a public service account, click the “register” button > select “Mobile subscription” > fill in the required information > press the “Register” button to complete.
  • Step 4: Fill in all information on the high school graduation exam registration form as usual. When filling out the information, please note essential items as instructed above.
  • Step 5: After filling out all the information, candidates should recheck it and click the “Save registration form” button to complete it.

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