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0 comment Piso Wifi Pause Time  – Today, in this technical world, the Piso Wifi system has become a precious tool for business owners and network admins. This article will elucidate the intricacies of its Pause Function, offering insights on how to use it optimally.
The Piso wifi Pause Time is a software application that allows you to log your internet connection. This feature remains enabled by the SUSPEND_N bit found in the HW_CFG. It is also possible to allow the SLEEP_TIMER to feature to use the pause time feature. If you are not at home, you can use the pause time feature to disconnect from the internet for a specified period. It is ideal for traveling since you can reconnect to the internet later. It’s a strategic tool for monetizing internet connectivity, especially in high-footfall areas.

How to install Piso wifi Pause Time?

How to install Piso wifi Pause Time_
When you want to pause your internet connection, Piso wifi pause time can help you do it. Visit the IP address, and you can stop your connection. Once the pause ends, visit the same address to reconnect to the internet. You can also pause your connection to save money by using the service only when needed. You can also adjust the amount of data you use or purchase and change the password when you want to.
To use Piso wifi Pause Time, you need to install an application that will trigger the pause when the device can’t receive a data packet. This application will also work with any device that connects to the internet using wifi. Install Piso wifi Pause Time onto your device and enjoy the many benefits of this service. Following these steps, you can use this feature and stay connected even when your network is slow.

Default Gateway Address

Piso wifi’s default gateway address is, which confuses new users. But once you understand this number, you can install the application and manage the connection using the app. After connecting, you can go back to internet browsing with unlimited bandwidth. Several features and installation options are also available in Piso wifi Pause Time. There are many options, but the basic concept is the same: you can access the internet whenever you want and stop it when you don’t need it.
To install Piso wifi, you must have a good internet connection. If you don’t have it, you can find the QR code on the internet utility box by searching Google. After doing this, you can log in to the Piso wifi website using a web browser. After logging in, you can check the connectivity status and other important information. Once you log in, you can access the app’s other features, such as messaging.

How do you check whether you have paused time?

If you’re using the Piso wifi service, you’ve probably noticed that your internet speed has slowed to a crawl. Using the internet for online shopping or social media will be a real pain. The good news is that you can check if you have paused time by following a few simple steps. Listed below are some of the ways to do this.
If you’re not a techy user, you can use the IP address to perform advanced network functions like port forwarding, LAN redirection, and network bridging. You don’t have to install additional software on your computer to perform these features. This feature works with virtually all routers. You can also find a list of the features you can use with the Piso wifi service.

Web Portal Connection

Web Portal Connection

If you’re unsure if you’ve paused Time on Piso wifi, check your connection on the web portal. Then, enter the password you created for the service and follow the instructions. Once you’ve entered the new login details, restart any devices connected to Piso wifi. You can change the gateway address and set a new password.

The Power of the Pause Function

The pause function is not just a simple ‘on and off’ switch. Its implications can have notable effects on both the network provider and the users:

  • Scheduled Internet Access: You can dictate when users access your network.
  • Enhanced Network Management: Allows admins to control bandwidth usage during peak times.

Step-by-step guide to Using the Pause Function

  • Access the Admin Panel: In the address bar, open a web browser and input
  • Log In: Use the username and password you provided.
  • Navigate to Internet Access Time: Scroll till you locate this option and click it.
  • Set Your Duration: Choose from 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours. Custom durations can also be input.
  • Activation: Click the “Pause” button to start the function.
  • Deactivation: Follow similar steps, opting to turn off the pause function.

What are the Drawbacks of the Piso wifi pause time?

No feature is without its challenges. Here are potential drawbacks to the pause function:

  • Limited User Access: This can lead to user frustration if not communicated effectively.
  • Business Implications: Businesses buying access might face operational challenges if the internet suddenly pauses.


The Piso wifi Pause Function is more than a simple feature; it’s a strategic tool that empowers admins to control and optimize network access. With the knowledge shared in this guide, one can employ this tool efficiently and ensure a balanced network for providers and users.

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