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A Look Into the Life and Career of Isotta Rossellini

Isotta Rossellini Wiki, Net Worth 2023 And More

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isotta Rossellini is a famous Italian woman who played a role in Kil Gil Volume1 2005, Ingrid Bergman: in her own words and further. She was born in the house of an actress, and her father is a well-known director in Italian

isotta Rossellini, born on June 18 1952; not only a set decorator but also she is an author, Philanthropist.

Moreover, Today is our topic A Look into the Life and Career of Isotta Rossellini, how she got roles And Net worth in 2023, what happened to Ingrid and Isabel ? and more.

Isotta Rossellini Marriage Life?

isotta Rossellini was first married to Alberto acciarto in the year (1979) later; this marriage was unsuccessful (1982). After that, she married the Director and screenwriter Robert Gau in 1983. They had two children before their Divorced in 1999, Says IMDB.



Italian legendary Director has four children, in that two children are twins, isotta Rossellini and Isabella.

According to the Films experience blog, Ingrid Bergman has four children; her first pia was born with her first marriage to peter Lindstrom. After that, she moved to Italy and had a son, Roberto Rossellini, followed by twin daughters, Isabella and isotta Ingrid.

Ingrid Bergman, in 1952 with twin daughters, Isotta Rossellini and isabella rossellini young. Moreover, Isabella became an actress long and model, and Isotta Ingrid became a professor of Italian literature. The Picture shows a famous mother with them.

Isotta Rossellini Siblings

As I said, Isotta Rossellini was born in Rome Italian family background. Apart from her, siblings have three brothers and sisters and parents: her mother,  a twin daughter, brother Robertino Ingmar  Rossellini and half-sister Pia Lindstrom. As per Our research, Not only this but also she has four other siblings from her father’s two marriages. Romano, Renzo, Gil and Raffaella. Romano died at the age of 9 years. According to Wikipedia.

Isotta studies From Columbia University, Rossellini shows the most interest in set decorates, studying taught universities such as Italian literature at Harvard, Princeton and New York Universities.

As per sources, isotta rossellini is not a much-socialized person and often gives interviews and pictures.

Isotta Rossellini Net Worth


isotta rossellini net worth Today 2023 $6000,000. In the previous year, issota net worth was $900,00.

Bron in 1952, Rome, Italy. First married to Richard Aborn in 1979 and ended in the year 1990.

By profession, Issota is Makeup Department, set Decorator, and well known as a Kill Gil Volume (2005), Volume 2(2006).

Meanwhile, talking about her Films Rating, Kil Gill Volume 1(2005) has received good results. However, these series get 7-star ratings.

Isotta Rossellini Images


Rossellini is not much Socialist, but We have collected some of her pictures from our sources.

IMDb has old photos of our star, and Here are her old photos frames still available on IMBD

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Another file of Picture Issota. Look at this rossellini with her mother and her twin sister Isabella.

Group Photo

Group Photo

Group Photo

isabella rossellini siblings  – Issota, her mother’s Twin sister Isabella, and other siblings such as Half-sister Pia Lindstrom.

This Picture get from Vogue

Isabella Rossellini children

Isabella Rossellini is an Italian American Actress, and she was born on June 18 1952, filmmaker, author, Philanthropist, and model.

She is the daughter of the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and the Italian film director Roberto Rossellini.

Isabella Rossellini children

Isabella Rossellini children

Rossellini began her acting career in 1977 with a performance in the film “A Matter of Time,” directed by her mother.

She has since appeared in many films, including “Blue Velvet,” “Crime of the Century,” “Immortal Beloved,” and “Death Becomes Her.” She is also well known for her successful modelling career, particularly her work as the face of Lancôme. Rossellini is also an author and has written several books, including “Some of Me” and “Looking At Me: My Life Through The Lens.”

Isabella Rossellini has a daughter named Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann. Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann was born on 1983.

isabella Rossellini friends

Isabella Rossellini appeared as herself in “One with Frank Jr.” When he went to Central Perk for coffee.

At the start of the episode, Ross completes a list of celebrities he can sleep with and leaves Isabella out of the final laminate draft.

As Ross continues to beat her, her friends look on.

However, She is shocked by his stupid comments during this conversation, especially when he mentions that he has a list of celebrities he wants to sleep with and then makes it clear that she is not on it. He forces her to humiliate him publicly.

Isabella was born in Rome, Italy (June 18, 1952) and held joint Italian-American citizenship. She is an actress, director, writer, Philanthropist and model. Among her notable films are Blue Velvet and Crime of the Century, for which she received Golden Globe nominations. Married to film producer Martin Scorsese from 1979 to 1982, she was also the girlfriend (1994-96) of Gary Oldman, who later appeared as Joe’s colleague in the WW1 film series in which he starred. Shot on “The One With Monica and Chandler”. . , part 1 “.

Isabella played Paul Stevens in Dead Beckham’s Hair (1992) alongside Bruce Willis, while Catherine Bell (Robin on the Bus with Baby) filled in for him during the Burband shoot. The same film also featured Debra Jo Rupp, who later played the role of Alice Knight in the series.


Q. Are Isabella and Isotta Rossellini Identical twin?

Yes, They ae born Twin sisters. born 18th June 1952.

Q. isotta rossellini age?

70 Years

Q. isotta rossellini siblings?

Issabella, Piaa

Q. How Old Is Isabella?

70yer Old

Q. Where is delizia 92 Located?

Located in 1762 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128.  They serve best Italian Pizza in a Town.



Isotta Rossellini is a famous Italian woman who played a role in Kil Gil Volume1 2005, Ingrid Bergman: in her own words and further. She was born in the house of an actress, and her father is a well-known director in the Italian

isotta Rossellini, born on June 18 1952, is not only a set decorator but also an author, Philanthropist.

In her 30-year career, she has made memorable films such as Kill Gil Volume 1 (2005) and Volume 2 (2006)

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