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5 successful email strategies to promote your landscaping business

by Life Bloom Beauty
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If you’re looking to promote your landscaping business, you may want to look into email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your customers directly with relevant information about your business. If it’s special offers, business updates, newsletters, emails are an effective marketing tool that holds a lot of room for creativity.

There’s a catch though, almost every business uses email marketing, making it a lot harder for your emails to stand out amongst the sea of emails in your customer’s inbox. With the right strategy, an effective plan, and a few handy tips from us, you’ll be all set to publish email campaigns like a pro.

1- Use an email marketing platform

Creating an email campaign is a lot of work. There’s writing the email content, designing the email to look good, collecting emails, making a list and so on. Luckily there are many helpful online platforms that take care of all of this!

Use an email marketing platform like PosterMyWall to create your email campaign. There are several pre-existing email templates to choose from, customize with information about your services, and send to your target audience seamlessly. Plus, you can even track progress on your email campaigns such as how many recipients opened your email and clicked on links all in one place.

You may even want to run several email campaigns at once, for example, one campaign may target customers interested in lawn care, and another campaign may be for landscape upkeep and maintenance. Using an email marketing platform manages multiple email campaigns for you and keeps them organized to easily track and monitor.

2- Create quality content

No one wants to receive ‘spammy’ emails in their inbox. Emails are the perfect platform for you to provide focused and useful information to your customers. Steer clear from generic topics, and instead, try to think of email content that would add value for your customers. What is it that you wish your customers would sign up for? And what is the best way to show it?

For example, if you wish to encourage customers to opt for premium landscaping services like installing waterfalls, fish ponds, fire pits, etc. then, including videos of what these look like plus adding enticing special offers for these services would be a great way to start.

And most importantly, since you make stunning landscapes for your customers, it only makes sense that your emails look stunning too! Designing emails that your customers will love to click on is easy, there are several online email templates to choose from and saves you tons of time.

3- Segment your email list

You probably have various services you offer as part of your landscaping business with different people that you target for each. To retain your email subscribers, it’s a good idea to send relevant content according to your customers interests.

Segmenting your email list is the perfect way to go about this. Create different groups within your email list according to different interest areas such as lawn care, yardscaping, installation services, holiday decor etc.

This keeps your email campaigns targeted and much more effective as people won’t get annoyed by receiving emails that they aren’t interested in. Plus, it’s a great way to organize your email list and helps you compare email performance with different audience groups and make changes accordingly.

4-  Time your emails

Timing emails is always tricky to figure out. What’s the best time to send an email? How many emails is too many? In general, you might want to schedule emails for earlier in the day when people generally check notifications and go through their inbox. However, there’s no harm in experimenting to find an optimal time where you get most engagement from your recipients.

Consider spacing out your emails to slowly feed relevant content to your audience and to remind them of your business. Decide on a time period and schedule a series of pre-written emails with sufficient time in between that will be automatically sent to your audience.

For example, you can choose to send a series of landscaping tips or trends over a period of two months. You can use this to slowly build hype for a special offer or new service launch you are planning, plus, it helps to keep your business at the top of your customers minds (and inbox!).

5- Track your results

Once you publish your email campaign, you’ll be able to track performance through several metrics such as how many recipients your emails reached, how many recipients opened them, and how many clicked on the links and completed goals you’ve set.

Monitoring these metrics helps you to make any changes before the next email campaign. Is there any specific content that isn’t resonating with your audience? What about your email lists – do you need to add or remove any email addresses?

Email away!

Email marketing remains to be a powerful tool for any business. With a plan in hand and following the strategies listed above, you’re all set to send out stellar email campaigns like a pro!

Best of luck!

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